Flight Info

Flight Day

What time do we, his/her family need to be at Albany International Airport the morning of the flight for the Send-Off Ceremony?
We suggest that the public arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the arrival of the Veterans. That time will be determined by the time the flight is scheduled to leave. Information regarding the Send-Off Ceremony is posted on the Leatherstocking Honor Flight Facebook page.

Where does the Send-Off Ceremony take place?
In the Baggage Claim Area on the first floor of Albany International Airport

What time do we, his/her family need to be at the airport for the Welcome Home in the evening?
We suggest that family members arrive about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled return flight time.

Where should I wait in the evening?
Just outside the TSA Security area on the second floor of Albany International Airport.

How can I buy a Leatherstocking Honor Flight T-Shirt or Hoodie?
Shirts and Hoodies are normally available for purchase during the Send-Off Ceremony the Morning of the Flight.

Can we bring signs?
Yes. Absolutely! Have fun making your signs, the Veterans will love to see them!

There is plenty of parking available in either short term or economy parking. The airport does charge a fee for parking

Who will take my Mail Call letters for the airplane? I missed the deadline to collect them.
Please contact Rhonda Cooper (518-878-2257) for information regarding how to get these to Leatherstocking Honor Flight so we may distribute them on the plane. If you have additional DC questions, please contact Rhonda Cooper at rhondacooper214@gmail.com

Please follow us along on Facebook during the Flight day. We will continue posting pictures throughout the day for you to enjoy and follow your Veterans.